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A Wish

We wish to create a place where children are allowed to observe, to wonder, to imagine, to play, to talk, to think, to judge, to conclude, to fail, to rework, to relax, to experiment, to feel, to frustrate, to express, to LIVE.  A place “WHERE CHILD CAN LIVE HIS LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND CONSTRUCT HIS OWN MEANING OF WORLD AROUND, IN HIS WAY AND AT HIS PACE”

We deeply feel we should not disturb child’s flow of inference and exploration which starts from day-1 of landing on this earth.  Child is born curious and child is continuously up to something, tries to make meaning out of things around. We firmly believe that child is capable of doing anything and everything which he WANTS to do. Keeping this in mind, we wish to create a environment where uniqueness of the child is preserved and nurtured.