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BeMe ecosystem comprises of three groups : Children, Parents and Facilitators. For the ecosystem to stay in harmony, it’s important to take into consideration, the needs, roles and views of individuals in each group.  

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Child is a key component of learning environment. Each child is an independent learner who is free to explore the world around, in his own style and at his own pace. 

Parents are invited to come as content experts and share their expertise with children through workshops or electives. They can also be involved in any development project at BeMe or they can initiate any project of their interest and work with interested children. 

Facilitators play a role of mentor for children.They are sensitive towards learning style and learning pace of children.They respect originality of each child and their needs. They prefer to add in to child’s constructive learning rather than teaching. They contribute in creating a stimulating, challenging and democratic environment. They record observation of each child. 


Complete faith in child and life – this fundamental belief brings parents to BeMe. With the support from each other, the BeMe ecosystem can keep this faith alive. As an ecosystem, BeMe provides following platforms, for interaction among these three groups.


Quarterly Review:

Each quarter closes with a review. For the benefit of child, open and honest communication amongst facilitator, child and parent is needed. Parent, children and facilitator together review learnings, challenges, expectations etc.


Study Circle:

BeMe foresees some challenges. Study circle is one of the platforms to address these challenges. Study circle helps in discussing beliefs and implementations and thus allowing parents and facilitators to arrive/stay at common understanding. Study circle uses various mediums like book reading, movie watching, debates, open discussions etc. to bring out different perspectives.

Study Circle happens bimonthly – last Saturday of the month. Parents and facilitators participate in the Study Circle.


Sleep Over:

This is an initiative for children to explore social life. Children stay together, watch together, eat together, sing together, laugh together, read together etc.It is a place to experience community feeling. Venue and menu are decided by children.